Do Anti-Ageing Facial Treatments Work?

Anti-ageing spa therapies can give off a lot of false hope. Nothing can turn back time, your face and body will age no matter what creams you put on your face or what wraps you roll up in. However, you can embrace your age and get fabulous remarks from admirers on your glowing complexion, just by taking care of what you put on your body.

Anti Ageing Spa Treatments

As we age, our bodies produce less collagen that helps plump up our skin, as well as elastin which makes our skin firm. Products which label themselves as “anti-ageing” usually have two main outcomes: they boost the production of collagen and elastin and slow down the process of their natural loss. Unfortunately, the only long term fix for wrinkles and bags is surgery or injectables. Neither of these will stop you from ageing either and should be carefully considered before it is undertaken. According to leading dermatologists, “About 30 per cent of facial ageing is genetic, but a lot of the rest is other hazardous things we expose ourselves to.” This means that there are things people can do to try to keep their skin young-ish.

Avoid Sun

First off, manage your daily exposure to the sun. Too much sun can cause skin damage, yet not enough can lead to a Vitamin D deficiency. A vitamin D deficiency can cause serious health problems such as arthritis, osteoporosis, and diabetes. Typically the sun’s rays are at their strongest between 11am to 3pm, so make sure to spend 10 to 15 minutes outside in the sun during these times. While we are taking about the sun, stay away from sun-bed, tanning. Sun beds put you at risk of skin caner and premature ageing. If you desire that bronze, Hollywood tan, consider fake spray tans. Another habit to avoid is smoking. Smoking speeds of skin ageing due to the free radicals (unstable molecules that can cause disease and damage to cell DNA) that are being created form the exposure to cigarette smoke. Smoking also restricts blood flow, preventing oxygen and nutrients from reaching your skin. This increases the production of an enzyme which breaks down the supply of collagen to the skin’s structure, thus reducing your storage of Vitamin A and stopping your absorption of Vitamin C. Among other problems, smoking will give you more wrinkles, quicker than normal.

Staying stress-free can go a long way towards keeping line and wrinkle free. A study was conducted which included 186 identical twins put into different environments. The study showed that divorced twins looked almost two years older than sibling who were single, married, or widowed, concluding that avoiding stress can help you beat that biological clock. Consider booking spa treatments that will help you stay relaxed, such as a relaxing massage that will have therapeutic effects on your mind and body. Lastly, use skin creams with Vitamin A derivatives. Creams may not turn back time, but creams with the right formula can help keep your skin healthy and by repairing skin that has aged naturally.

Anti Ageing Products

So which spa treatments are best for anti-ageing solutions? Many facial products are vitamin-based which is great for your skin. Some treatments will use special equipment that aims to get these vitamins into your skin. An ultrasound is used to push products into your skin, it adds movements to shake the products through into your skin. Another method is done by using electrical currents. It is an effective treatment with high-frequency and galvanic currents which help get the products deeper into your skin. When considering how often you should get one of these facials, consider these facts. It is always better to prevent skin damage than trying to cure it. If you start taking care of your skin as early as possible, then you will have a better chance of maintain good skin throughout your life. However, it is never too late to start taking care of your skin. A course of treatments will be more effective than a one time treatment. If you can afford it, monthly facials are ideal. Stick to a therapist you trust to repair any damage to your skin and then get into a rhythm of facial maintenance. If you only have time and money to get a one-off facial, then consider getting Microderm and a Crystal Clear oxygen treatment. You will need to get the surface layer of skin off in order to get the anti-ageing products in successfully. To keep these good habits up at home consider body brushing and exfoliating to keep a healthy glow. Also, drink loads of water to keep skin hydrated. Another tip is to invest in a silk pillowcase, a cotton pillowcase absorbs moisture, where silk material does not. Do not spend money treating your skin when the products will just soak into your pillowcase overnight.

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