What to Wear to the Spa

Going to the spa is different that going out for lunch or for shopping, so sometimes it can be hard to figure out what to wear. Spa etiquette can differ between which treatments you are receiving and on personal comfort levels. Here are few helpful hints so you can feel comfortable during y our trip to the spa.

If you are going to the spa during the day, you will probably spend most of your time in a robe and possibly your swimsuit. Just in case, add some gym clothes and proper exercising shoes if you get pulled into a friendly game of squash. Also pack a warm fleece and a pair of loose pants for walking outdoors after your workout. During the evening, you may want to bring clothing that is a bit more sophisticated. Go for something comfortable yet smart looking. However, there is no need for diamonds or low cut dresses. However, if you are staying at a hotel with a spa, the hotel restaurant may have their own dress code policy, so make sure to check with the concierge before you book your reservations.

Relaxing Rob

First off, make sure you shower before your spa treatment and leave any jewelry at home, as it could interfere with treatments. During most of the spa day you will be dressed in a soft, relaxing robe. Most spas will supply these for you, but you can always bring your own if you prefer. However, robes do take up a lot of space while travelling and if your robe gets damp, you can change it for a dry one any time from the spa. If you are worried about the size of the robe, most spas approach bathrobes with a “some big and some small” mindset. The same applies to flip-flops or slippers that the spa may provide. Spas need to cater to a wide range of people from tall to short and from big to small. If you are on the larger side, no worries, because spa robes are usually cut very generously and there should be plenty of room for you to get comfy. If you have a concern about the size of the robes, do not hesitate to give the spa a call ahead of your appointment to ensure the perfect robe is waiting for you.

Underneath the robe is where guests tend to get a bit worried. What do I wear underneath the robe? Underwear, a bathing suit, or do I go nude? All common questions when contemplating a spa day. It all depends on your comfort level and what you are planning on doing during your spa treatment. You could find yourself diving in and out of a swimming pool or sauna most of the day, so in this case, a bathing suit would be ideal. If you are just having a simple treatment, you could wear your usual underwear underneath. For messy treatments that require locations or creams, your therapist may recommend you put on a complementary pair of paper underwear so you do not get your own muddy or oily. No matter what spa or treatment you choose, you will be able to choose what makes you feel most comfortable. Do not be afraid of being exposed or uncomfortable.

Swim suid while in spa

When it comes to your feet, toweling slippers or flip-flops are best for a day spa. Most spas will provide disposable slippers for you to wear, but you can bring your own if you choose. You should not wear outdoor shoes near wet or thermal facilities, as guests will be walking barefoot in these areas. This can track in dirt and can even get into the pool water. You might also consider bringing hair-clips or hair bands, depending on the length of your hair. If you are having a massage and do not want to have oil or lotion in your hair, you will need to clip it up and out of the way. A shower cap is another option if you do not want to get your hair wet during a wet treatment. Check with the spa first as they may supply disposable shower caps, if not make sure to pack one.

Spa Comfort wear

If you are going for an exercise class, make sure you pack comfortable trainers and socks as well as, proper exercising clothes. A damp robe will not cut it on an exercise bike. Also ensure you secure a locker to put all your belongings in. If you are at a hotel spa, try to keep as much as you can in your hotel room, only bring the essentials. Most spas will offer changing rooms and lockers, but you might want to call ahead so you know what you can bring.

Use these tips next time you want to experience is a Beauty Spa Treatment at any our luxury spas.

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