The lowdown on acne facials in London

Sometimes the stress of daily life takes a toll on your health. In some people it manifests as tiredness, muscle pain or headaches; in others, it shows on the face. Acne breakouts are perhaps one of the worst symptoms of stress or health problems, because they’re right there for everyone to see. They take you straight back to your days as a pizza-faced, awkward 14 year old. If you don’t have to deal with acne much as an adult, the pimples themselves are their own source of stress. What do you do about them? How do you hide them and what will it take to fix it? Help!

Acne Facial

Acne facials are a great way for inexperienced acne sufferers to keep their skin calm. Left to your own devices, you might find yourself washing your face constantly, popping pimples and panicking. A facial with an experienced beautician will give your skin the treatment it needs to begin the healing process. They’ll begin by manually removing any blockages in your pores, using hygienic tools. They won’t do this if your blockages are red and inflamed; if you have severe acne of this kind, it’s better to go and see a dermatologist who can recommend a better solution. Remember, don’t try to unblock your pores at home: you could spread the bacteria that caused the pimple in the first place, as well as running the risk of damaging tiny capillaries in your skin and causing scarring.

A facial also involves cleansing your skin thoroughly to rid it of excess oil and dirt, including dead skin cells. It might sound disgusting, but a facial can actually be very relaxing and pleasant. To cleanse and exfoliate your skin, your beautician might use steam baths, facial massage with scented essential oils, or a mask made from weird and wonderful ingredients like snail mucin – highly popular in Asian countries for its soothing, anti-aging and moisturising properties!

Your beautician will probably ask you about your skin type – oily, combination or dry – as well as your normal skincare routine. This is the time to let them know if you are currently taking any acne medication, such as Roaccutane or Retin A, because it will affect the products and techniques they use. If you don’t have a skincare routine, or your current routine is no longer working for you, pay attention! This is a great time to learn about what kind of products to use on your face, and you can absolutely ask for advice. Remember though, many spas sell a particular line of products themselves, so if it’s too expensive or you don’t believe the hype, don’t feel obliged to purchase. After all, you’re already paying for the facial!

Acne facials will work best if you have them done regularly, say once a week or every two weeks. Skin responds best to a regular routine that allows it to keep its pH balanced at a constant, comfortable level.

One of the best treatments for stress is, of course, a nice long holiday. However, you may find that the change of air makes your skin even more stressed! If you’re headed to the UK, you’ll find plenty of opportunities for spa facial treatments in London. This city is full of luxury spas where you can lie back and be pampered by professionals in the beauty business. You’ll find plenty wherever you go in the city, including in your very own hotel. Try not to worry about beauticians seeing your spots – they’ve seen it all and they are there to help.

Your London holiday is a chance to unwind from all the stress you face at home, so take it slow and look after yourself. There’s only one you.

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