What to Know On Your First Visit to a Medical Spa

If you are thinking about getting a medical-grade facial or even a cosmetic procedure, most likely you will be going to a medical spa for it. Med Spas are generally a fusion of a medical office and a day spa which operate under a physician’s license. Here the treatments and products are much stronger and more involved or even medical-grade, physician strength. A medical spa focuses more on bringing out more dramatic, visible results and less on relaxing and pampering treatments. That being said, most medical spas are trying more to make it a combination of the two, offering medical treatments in a spa like setting.


When visiting a medical spa for the first time, here is what you will most likely encounter.

Start with the easy part, checking in. Medical spas again are more like a doctor’s office, so they will require more documentation and consultation than at a general spa. Make sure to allow more time to provide these documents and proper identification, before your appointment starts. Most likely, the office will ask you to fill out a questionnaire mainly about your health, medical, and physical history, such as: allergies and medications. Depending on the treatment, consent forms may be required. Almost all chemical peels, lasers, injectables treatments require a consent form stating risks, benefits, and complications

Some facilities require separate consultation-only appointments, especially for first-time goers. Other medical spas accommodate both a consultation and treatment appointment during the same visit. You maybe able to find spas that offer complimentary consultations, which is ideal. Mainly, it depends on the treatment itself. If you go in for a chemical peel or an injectable procedure and have taken aspirin that day, the physician will not administer the treatment. Aspirin has blood-thinning properties and is not ideal for these treatments. Other questions concerning what treatments you have already head, how often you use certain products, etc will also affect when you can get the treatment. The physician will then schedule the treatment on a different day. Once you have had the treatment several times, than you will most likely not need any consultation appointments, but will go straight to the treatment.

Most med spas will try to keep an ambiance that is consistent with traditional spas. They will have soothing music, nice décor, inviting furniture, and even refreshments. Medical spas will want to give the appearance and experience of spa retreats to those who do not have the time. Unfortunately, most medical spas will not offer the same kind of amenities as traditional spas like, Jacuzzis, water pools, saunas, steam rooms, and showers. They will not offer locker rooms either, all changing must be done in the treatment rooms, so it is best to leave any valuables at home. Most medical spas will still provide a robe and slippers for services such as facials or chemical peels. If you are receiving a type of procedure that requires you to be undressed, than a paper robe will be supplied for you. Luckily, you will not have to change if you are visiting for injectables or fillers.

Do not be worried about who will be treating you. Most med spas have at least one doctor, esthetician, and nurse on staff. Depending on what treatment you are having will determine who will be treating you. If you are getting a facial, microdermabrasion, chemical peel, or light therapy, most likely the esthetician will be treating you. For lasers and injections, you will receive a nurse and injectables and fillers will be administered by the doctor.

After your trip to the med spa, it is important to maintain your procedure with home care and follow up procedures. At most med spas, the estheticians and coordinators will work with the doctor to create a customized beauty plan once you start your treatments. When it comes to tipping, it is customary to pay a 15-20% gratuity for spa services performed by massage therapists, estheticians, and nail technicians, but it is not customary to give gratuity for medical spa services, such as: laser treatments, injectables, or other treatments performed by the doctor.

The important thing to remember when considering a medical spa is that the focus of a traditional spa is relaxation, where the goal of medical spa is results. If what you are seeking is relaxation and a day of pampering, traditional spas are ideal for you.  If you do not have the time for a day long spa treatment and need quick fix for an event, etc, then consider a medical spa treatment.  If you are considering Facial Spa Treatments , why not book an appointment at the Spa at Montcalm today. If you are looking for a luxurious, relaxing stay during your travels, check out Spa hotels in London.

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