Tips on visiting a beauty spa

Are you interested but hesitant about visiting a beauty spa for spa treatment? There are quite a few people who despite wanting to visit a spa, are reluctant about going for the first time to it. They are unsure as to what sort of protocol is to be followed in a place where very intimate services are provided. Well there is no need to be anxious as there are certain basic etiquettes and norms to be followed when visiting a spa for beauty treatment. Yes, a spa treatment is a very personal experience to undergo and not having proper information before visiting, may make it a rather embarrassing or uncomfortable experience. There are a few basic knowhow’s or tips that should be borne in mind when planning to visit a spa. These will help you to relax and get the most out of your visit to a spa.

The first thing to remember is that in all likelihood you will need to completely undress for full body treatment or a body massage. In case of a facial it will probably need you to remove the garments from the upper half of your body. In case you are not comfortable of being unclothed inform the masseuse or therapist about the same, so that they are aware of your discomfort. They will in all probability have disposable wear or you could even carry your own, so that your clothes and undergarments are not spoilt.  You need to be prepared to get undressed or redressed depending upon the type of treatment you are opting for. Keep a separate pair of footwear and wear loose clothing so that they can be easy to wear and remove.

Whether you plan to go in for massage spa treatments or whether you opt for beauty spa treatments remember to keep your jewellery and other valuables at home. Of course top quality spas do offer their clients safety lockers so that their valuables are safe during the time they are away for any treatment. In case you visit one of those spas that do not offer locker facilities your valuables including jewellery will be in the room during your treatment. This could involve the risk of getting it misplaced, lost or forgotten behind and you definitely would not want to have that happen. Besides why take the risk when your valuables could be kept safely at home.

When visiting a spa, arriving early is a benefit. Even if one person arrives late it could upset the schedule for the day, besides being a hassle for your therapist who would probably need to deal with other clients, after finishing with you. Once the treatment is over it is alright to relax for a few moments, but bear in mind that the place would need to be cleaned up and prepared for the next client, so don’t spend a great deal of time relaxing to prevent being gently told to move out.

As a norm most spas have a cancellation policy in place.  In case you are not well and are feeling under the weather it is best to avoid going to the spa for any sort of treatment. In the event of feeling sick or queasy undergoing a massage will worsen the symptoms and that is the last things you would want to experience. Therefore if you are unwell call in and cancel or reschedule the appointment for a later date. Also if you reschedule you might not be charged for missing the appointment.

In case you go in for a full body massage with oil ensure that every bit of oil is well removed so that your clothes are not spoilt. You can seek the assistance of the massage therapist who can help you to rub off the excess oil from areas of the body that are difficult for you to reach. The therapist will apply hot towels that help to soak up the excess oil and feel good as well. The hair however might retain some oil in it and it is best not to wear makeup as it will not look the way it did when you arrived. As far as hygiene and cleanliness are concerned most therapists ensure they maintain a very high standard. They use hand sanitizers and also scrub up between clients. It is always recommended to have a thorough shower before your appointment, and possibly a few hours later in the night before you go to sleep.

Giving tips are a good way to maintain a good rapport with a therapist. Of course you will need to find out the spa policy beforehand with regards to tipping your masseuse or therapist. The policies differ from spa to spa with some encouraging it and others having a strictly non-tipping policy. Your beauty spa treatment is generally customised as per your discussion with your therapist. Most therapists only get a portion of the fees and any tips given help out with their personal expenses. From providing scented candles, to offering complementary services at no cost like hot stones or aromatherapy valued customers are pampered and made to feel like celebrities. When you give a tip it could be in the form of a cheque or cash. Spas which use credit cards for payment, at times pass on the credit card fees to staff as tips. Enquire if the same policy is not applicable in a spa where you pay by credit card.

While it is permissible to talk during the treatment, it is not essential to do so. After all it a time for your to relax and relieve all the pent up stress and strain. You could instead opt for listening to music and try to relax completely. The best way to achieve this is by remaining silent while the treatment is underway. However while remaining silent is the best way to enjoy your spa treatment you need to inform the therapist at times if they are applying too little or too much pressure. In case of aches and pains in a specific area you would need to tell them whether you would like them to focus on that spot or avoid it completely. After all you are paying for the service and should gain the maximum from your spa experience.

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