The different types of Spas

For city dwellers with busy professional and personal schedules, it becomes a challenge to remain stress free and maintain high energy levels. The hustle and bustle of city life, especially in a city like London, can leave even the most energetic individual jaded and frazzled. All of this results in hypertension and an array of other ailments that result from the stress and strains of staying in a metropolis. This is frequently manifested in our physical appearance as well, in the form of dark circles under the eyes or other blemishes on the face. Everybody is not able to maintain a regular exercise regimen because of the constraints of time and responsibilities.

In such a situation, probably one of the best options would be a visit to the spa. London has scores of spas to choose from and is one of the most popular ways by which Londoners beat the strain of daily city life. Whether you want to go in for a facial or a relaxing massage in London, you will be overwhelmed with the various types of spas and treatments that are on offer.  Besides regular spas there are spa hotels in London that offer the most exotic forms of treatments from across the world. With so many options available how do we decide to choose whether we want to visit a day spa, wellness spa, luxury spa or a health spa among many others. Let us take a brief look at the types of spas available and the features they offer:

Health Spa: As the term indicates the primary objective of health spas is to promote a healthy lifestyle with many of them offering weight loss solutions to their clientele. Generally health spas have a treatment or programme that lasts a few days or more to complete the required course of treatment. They offer a variety of treatments including detox programs, regular spa treatments dietary advice and other forms of treatments. All of this is under the supervision of qualified professionals.

Benefits: These are ideal to go for a weight loss programme or to improve one’s overall fitness.

Health Spa Treatment: One of the most popular forms of treatments at a health spa is its Detox Mud Wrap. It involves the application of a body mask that contains clay, mud, seaweed or even algae, and it helps to detoxify and remove any impurities that might be under the skin’s surface. After the body mask is applied either a plastic wrap or a hot towel is wrapped around to keep you warm. After a particular duration of time the wrap is removed, and the body mask is rinsed off thoroughly. Later a moisturiser is applied to the skin to hydrate it.

Wellness Spa: The major difference between a health and wellness spas is that the latter focus more on the overall or holistic well being a person which includes spiritual, physical, emotional, environmental and mental well being. They offer a combined form of treatment which focuses on the body, emotions, spirit and mind. Many of them have an inclination towards the philosophies of the East, which are known to lay stress on holistic well being. A visit to a wellness spa will introduce you to treatments that may include Chinese acupressure/acupuncture, Ayurveda and even Yoga besides conventional spa treatments.

Benefits: They are great to achieve a sense of balance between a mind and body and are suited for those who are both mentally and physically fatigued.

Wellness Spa Treatment: One of the best treatments to opt for at a wellness spa is Ayurveda Massage Therapy. This involves the use of aromatic oils and lotions that not only relax the body but also the mind. In infuses the body with strength and relaxes the muscles, nerves and tissues that are overworked and stressed with the frenetic pace of modern city life. It invigorates the body and mind completely and brings about a sense of inner harmony and tranquillity by maintaining a fine balance between the mind and body.

Medical Spa: This as the name indicates combine conventional spa treatments with medical treatments. These are performed only by highly trained health professionals who need to be registered. They also offer non –surgical cosmetic treatments like Chemical peels, Botox, Micro-dermabrasion etc. there may be a select few that offer cosmetic surgery also.

Benefits: They are very effective in cosmetic and anti-ageing treatments, in comparison to those on offer in conventional spas.

Medical Spa Treatment: A procedure that is increasing in popularity is laser resurfacing, where a highly trained cosmetic surgeon works on improving the texture and surface of the skin. It is carried out using a Carbon Dioxide laser and is generally used on the face to remove scars, wrinkles and re-contouring the face. The only caveat here is that it needs to be done by an experienced professional surgeon who is registered and has the expertise to do the procedure.

Luxury Spa: If you want to feel like a million dollar movie star or like a celebrity and you want to be spoilt to no end then visit a luxury spa.  In terms of sheer pampering and indulgence there is nothing quite like a luxury spa. Needless to say these are all about offering the finest spa treatments in a luxurious environment, where you get to experience the very best that money can buy. They certainly do cost a packet and be willing to dole out a princely sum, if you intend to visit a luxury spa. They offer the latest and most exclusive treatments to completely refresh and rejuvenate the body and mind and are well worth the money spent.

Benefits: Most luxury spas also known as destination spas are set in the most spectacular surroundings, which add to the overall experience and helps to completely de-stress and have a most relaxed stay.

Luxury Spa Treatment: Have you ever fancied going in for a Body Polish. Yes that reads right, the body is polished thanks to a skilled therapist who exfoliates the skin’s surface using a body scrub to remove any dead skin cells. The body is later massaged with exotic oils that give you that million dollar look and Hollywood star glow.

Day Spa: These are commonly known as urban or city spas as they are based in the city or in urban surroundings. No more do you need to trot off to an overseas destination or leave the city, but instead can enjoy all the comforts of spa treatment, while remaining within the city.

Benefits: Probably convenience would be the biggest benefit. No need to travel out of town on the weekend for a spa treatment!

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