Spa Etiquette for Men

Going to the spa is meant to relieve stress, but for a first timer it can cause stress. A spa may seem like a women’s activity, but it can also be a refuge for men. Here are some etiquette tips for men on your trip to the spa.

203373964First thing to remember is to arrive early. It is best to arrive 20-30 minutes before your treatment. Most spa centers have extra facilities that might be available to you. Such facilities as fitness rooms or steam rooms, these can be used before your treatments at no extra cost. You will not want to use the fitness room after your massage, as they will tighten your muscles back up. The key point here is to give yourself some time to unwind before your treatment.

Shave before your facial to get the full benefit. This will ensure that the aesthetician gets full access to your face. A clean shave will allow for your whole face to be treated with the same care. Areas that are prone to razor burn irritation and ingrown hairs are issues that the aesthetician can treat during your facial. Also, make sure you shower before your massage. This is another reason to arrive early for your treatment, as most spa centres will have a shower facility. You will want to make sure you are clean and fresh feeling before your enter your treatment room. You massage therapist will appreciate it and also this will allow the lotions and scrubs to fully enrich your skin.

Talk to your spa technician. It is important to be open and express any concerns or issues you have about the treatment with your technician. Discuss sensitivities, injuries, and chronic problems that will be addressed in your treatment. If you have any health concerns, make sure to discuss them before hand with the spa staff when making an appointment. Perhaps the most important part of your spa experience is your complete comfort. If you do not want to remove your underwear, do not feel ashamed or uncomfortable. While many people feel comfortable in the nude under the sheet, it is not necessary. If you have a preference in relation to a man or woman giving performing the treatment, let the spa know ahead of time, so they can schedule the appropriate technician for you.

If you are getting a wax treatment, than avoid applying lotion or body cream to the intended area before the wax. Lotions and creams make it more difficult to remove strip wax. Skip heavy moisturizers before a back or chest wax to avoid waxing irritations. Also, let your waxing technician know if you are using any ingestible or topical medications, as these could increase skin sensitivity, making the waxing experience even more unpleasant.

As a courtesy, make sure to put your cell phone on silent or turn it off completely. Having the phone buzz or ringing during a treatment can throw your therapist off and disrupts your relaxation. Even if you do not bring the cell phone into the treatment room, you do not want it going off continuously in the locker room. Also, a 15-20% tip is appropriate for your aesthetician or massage therapist.

Tip: After your massage make sure to limit prolonged sun exposure, as this can make your skin extra sensitive and dehydrating.

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