Practice Perfect Spa Etiquette

Going to the spa can be daunting, from de-robing to the somewhat terrifying body waxes, here are a few helpful tips on spa etiquette to ensure you have embarrassment free treatments.


Let us start with the terrifying bikini wax. It is best always to exfoliate the area the morning before you are going to have a bikini wax. If not, you are more likely to get ingrown hairs. Make sure you are clean before going to your appointment. If you are coming from work, than take the time to freshen up a bit before the wax. The number one question when asked about a bikini wax is, “If I am on my period, can I still get the treatment?” Well, it is perfectly acceptable to get a bikini wax done, if you are wearing a tampon. However, it is also best to phone the spa therapist first to make sure they are okay with proceeding. Also another major concern before going to get a bikini wax is “Should I trim before coming?” It is very common for women to have neglected their bikini area for a while before coming in for a wax. Do not worry, yours will not be the hairiest they have ever seen. It terms of shaving, another tip is to not shave between waxes. All that does it leave a bad, stubble rash which is then further irritated by the bikini wax. In most cases the spa therapist will not be able to continue with the treatment in severe cases. If you are worried about revealing all of you to your therapist, it is okay to wear underwear during your wax. Unfortunately, it does make it harder for the therapist to achieve a clean finish and can take much longer, so if you can be bold, take the knickers off. Last tip in terms of a bikini wax, a Brazilian wax takes everything off. This includes the front, rear, and undercarriage, leaving just a strip at the front. If your therapist does not venture there, then you are not getting your money’s worth.

Next, the ever popular spray tan, which we all know is necessary in London if you ever want that bronze glow. First things first, if you have the remnants of a previous tan, make sure to exfoliate in the morning before your appointment to ensure it has all been removed. You want to work with a clean palette. Make sure to wax 48 hours before and shave 24 hours before, this allows the skin to recover and the pores to close up. If you are worried about being in the nude, there are paper knickers you can wear for the spray tan, and most therapists prefer that, as they have to get real close to certain areas on your body. Also do not worry about the therapist judging your body, they are not looking at them. They are mostly looking for dry patches that need moisturizing before the tan starts. Speaking of moisturizers, make sure to tell the spray tan artists before hand, as some moisturizers can work as a barrier. Also, remember to wear loose, dark clothing so the tan does not ruin them.

Getting a manicure and pedicure should be a relaxing venture. Here are few tips, so you do not end up stressing out. If you have any cuts, burns, or rashes on your hands or feet, try to reschedule your appointment. There are a lot of chemicals in a nail salon and you do not want to wind up with an infection. Do not worry about cleaning up your nails before hand that is want you are paying the nail artists to do. Do not apologize for the state of your nails, the nail artists has always seen something way worse than yours. Although, as a courtesy, do make sure your hands are washed and clean, as the artist do not want to be passing along germs to other clients. Make sure you are on time for your appointment and remember that it is up to you to lead the conversation during the treatment. The nail artists will not want to push a conversation out of you, if you are not willing. A good manicure should stay pristine for a week and last up to four weeks, depending on your lifestyle.  As a helpful tip, tipping is welcomed but not expected. However, most remember the clients who tip.

Other relaxing procedures are body treatments and facials. Before you go, make sure to tell your therapist about any skin diseases. Try to arrive sweat free, as it is really hard to massage over skin that is wet. There are usually shower facilities at the spa, so take advantage of them before your treatment. If you feel more comfortable with having a male or a female therapist, call in advance to let them know so they can make arrangements. Do not worry about falling sleep, snoring, or drooling, as this is very common with massages. Most therapists take it as a compliment, it means you are truly relaxed. If you are getting a facial, most worry about the appearance of their skin following a facial. If your skin turns up flushed or pinky looking, that is totally normal. If you have an important date coming up and need a facial, make sure to schedule it at least 5 days in advance, as it gives your skin some time to settle.

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