Figuring out the right massage for you

Massages have always been seen as parts of a luxurious lifestyle in the west. Now that they’re becoming more common; found in spas, hospitals, airports and health clubs – more and more people are experiencing their benefits. With that said, the number of different massage treatments is staggering; and that can make it hard to choose which one would be best fitting.


We live in a world where millions of people experience anxiety, headaches, myofascial pain, nerve pain, and digestive disorders. Massages can be the solution to many of these problems. Stress is the leading cause of the many aliments experienced by our society today. Massages in essence, reduce stress – by relieving the muscles of tension. The mind-body connection is clear, and with a relaxed parasympathetic system and muscular system, the mind can rest.

As a result, many health issues experienced by individuals tend to diminish. Insomnia settles down. Energy improves. And vitality is restored. All with one massage. Of course, if the benefits are to be sustained, then a longer regimen of three to four massages will provide longer lasting relief.

Some of the massage treatments available in London include: Swedish massages, deep tissue massages, sport massages, trigger point massages… and the list goes on. Swedish massages form part of the massage spa treatments in London. The technique used by the masseurs for this treatment is gentle – with long, strong circular motions, taps, and vibrations – all helping to energize your body in a smooth way.

Deep tissue massages on the other hand, use more forceful strokes, targeting deeper muscles and connective tissue. The Spa at Montcalm provides this treatment among many others. Those experiencing pain will benefit the most from a deep tissue massage. It clears out toxins, and improves circulation in the different areas of the body to a greater degree than a Swedish massage. For athletes, sport massages are the first choice because they are used for injury prevention while also treating existing injuries.

In summary, whichever massage you decide to go for – you can be sure of one thing; you’ll be glad you got one. The whole host of benefits include improved sleep, a deep sense of peace, feeling like everything is perfect – make it worth it in every way. Naturally, if you’re visiting London this autumn, we can’t help but tell you to consider booking an accommodation with spa massage facilities. You won’t regret your choice one bit.

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