Express Spa Treatments – For the Londoner On-The-Go

In a way, you might say there’s something of an irony in our approach to spa treatments – our modern lives are so fast, frenetic and stressful that many of us feel a great desire, even a need, to visit a spa and be lovingly pampered for an hour or two, but precisely because our modern lives are so fast, frenetic and stressful we actually struggle to find a free hour or two to visit a spa and be lovingly pampered.

What’s the solution? Well, there’s a growing trend of spas popping up at the likes of airports and business centres. What’s so different about that, you may ask? The difference is these spas are a new breed – because they specialise in offering express spa treatments for the time-poor; treatments, if you will, that are more quick-fix than long, languorous and luxurious. Hotels Near Park Lane London offers express spa treatments for London visitors.

Express Spa Treatment

Aside from the speed of the treatments themselves, a strong appeal for people is the fact these kinds of spa make sure you don’t have to book in advance (after all, if you’re in that much of a hurry, how would you have the time or peace of mind to book?). And, owing to the reduced duration of the treatments, these spas can also accommodate those on tighter budgets; they’re cash-strapped-friendly. Air travellers and business people can pop into such a spa in between flights or in between meetings – or if something’s cancelled at the last minute and they suddenly find they have a 30-minute window to get a relaxing pampering.

In fact, here are three definitive reasons why so-called ‘express spa treatments’ are becoming ever more popular:

Physical and Emotional Benefits

Let’s be honest, business people and air travellers (maybe even more than most other people) are in need of a good, decent spa treatment – whether it be a massage, a facial, a body wrap or a skin enhancer.The everyday, constant grind of work, meetings, commuting and long hours or thousands of miles of travelling make up a potently tiring and stressful combination.For a person about to embark on a journey across the Atlantic or even to the other side of the world, a suitable treatment can top up their energy reserves and leave them with a genuine ‘feel-good factor’; an enhancing effect on both their body and mind.

This is because most treatments, especially massages, de-stress muscles very effectively, which leaves the person on the receiving end of the treatment feeling fresher and, yes, more energetic. Indeed, massages, in particular, are known not only to reduce tension and relax muscles, but also to alleviate headaches, anxiety and other non-muscular physical issues throughout the body. Furthermore, they can work wonders in helping deal with and even overcome jet lag.


Some spa owners and employees may try to convince you otherwise, but when it comes down to it, it’s not necessary to spend hours and hours receiving various treatments simply to feel relaxed and energised. Massages, facials and body treatments can work very effectively too in relatively small sittings (say, just 25 or 30 minutes). As mentioned, they’re deliberately designed to fit in with the busy lifestyle of many working people in today’s hectic world where time is at such a premium that it’s looked upon as a commodity itself.

And this, it has to be said, is no truer than in the bustling, business-driven metropolis that’s London– especially on weekdays. Not just the new types of ‘express spas’ that have sprung up in business areas and airports, but those that have established themselves over many years in various parts of the city recognise that people today are busy and, on occasions then, their visitors then don’t have the time to indulge in hours’ worth of treatments. In short, the vogue for express spa treatments has caught on and is spreading.


Less time-consuming treatment packages are, by their very design, consumer centric and so flexible to meet customers’ needs. There’s nothing wrong with this – as mentioned, a treatment need not take two hours to be effective. Indeed, experiencing a quick clean-up (a mini-facial, if you will) is likely to leave you with much the same feeling as a full facial, even if it doesn’t feel as indulgent or as if you’ve been as spoilt, but it will be quicker, require less expert application and therefore will be naturally cheaper.

Financially speaking then, since these sorts of treatments are purse-friendly or easy on the wallet, you don’t have you think twice before jumping at giving one a go when you’ve a spare half-an-hour during the day (in the case of most people, probably at lunchtime) – not least because a good number of spas won’t need to book you in for an appointment for a short treatment.

And, for the three reasons outlined above, our spa and sauna London (to be found in the Montcalm Hotel), is only too happy to indulge its customers in express-style treatments. If you’re in the area – at the top of Park Lane in the heart of the West End – we’re more than happy to furnish your needs. We offer both an aromatherapy massage and a Swedish massage which last just 30 minutes each, while our lime and ginger salt glow (elem is) skin enhancement, an exfoliation ritual – involving oils and moisturising – for your whole body, will also only take up 30 minutes of your day. Indeed, our hand/ nail and feet grooming treatments typically last no more than 30 minutes as well.

So, don’t be put off by the sumptuous and beautiful surroundings of the Spa at the Montcalm (indeed, why would you be!) – if you’re after a treatment to squeeze into your busy day, we’re sure to offer exactly what you’re looking for.

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