A beginner’s guide to different types of spa treatments

When it comes to spa treatments there are a plethora of various treatments available all over the world, which are offered by different types of spas.  Most of us who have visited spas are familiar with being asked what type of treatment would be like to opt for when we visit the spa. With so many different types of treatment available, how do we decide which would be the best for us? The best way is to get a basic idea of the many different types of spa treatments that are available at all top quality spas in London.

When you visit some of London’s best spas you can expect nothing but sheer luxury and the finest in spa treatment. All top notch spas have their own ‘signature treatment’ which they offer to their clients. If you plan to go in for massage spa treatments in London you could have a treatment that includes exotic plants, oils, minerals, gold and days infused massages among many others. The sheer variety is amazing and you can expect nothing but the best, which offer value for money spent when you visit a London spa.

To better understand the many types of treatments we have put together just a few of the most exotic spa treatments, which might help you to decide what sort of treatment you would like to opt for on your next visit to the spa…..

Ayurveda: One of the most well known and ancient forms of spa treatments Ayurveda is a holistic system that involves massage, diet, herbal remedies and yoga. It is based on ancient medical treatises which lay emphasis on balancing the five natural elements i.e. Fire, Earth, Space, Air and Water which helps to create a perfect balance in the body and remove any dosha (imbalance) in the sytem.

Balinese: This is very popular and as the name indicates originated in Bali. It is derived from the ancient Indian practice of Ayurveda and primarily involves using a variety of combinations of aromatherapy, stretches and acupressure. This helps to improve the circulation of oxygen, energy and blood flow through different parts of the body and helps to relax it completely.

Acupressure: this is one of the most ancient forms of treatment and has originated in the Orient. As the term suggests it involves applying pressure to certain key areas in the body, which include the fingertips and other sensitive areas. This helps to stimulate the human body’s natural curative abilities.

Deep Tissue: This covers numerous therapies and requires to be done by trained professional specialists such as physiotherapist, osteopaths and chiropractors. It is rather similar to the classic Swedish massage although it utilises firmer and slower massages in comparison to other massage treatments and moves along the tendons and muscles in the human body.

Crystals: Very popular with Londoners as well visitors to the city it involves the use of crystals and helps to restore a holistic balance in the human body. This covers all key areas which include emotional, spiritual, physical and mental well being and focuses on healing the energy centres in a human body known as ‘chakras’. Most of them are located close to the human spinal cord.

Hot stone massage: It appears to be a bit unusual in its method but is well known in its efficacy in healing the human body. In this procedure smooth stones of different sizes are heated to a specific temperature and then placed on various areas of the body. They start from between the toes right up to the forehead and is known to generate a sense of warmth and well-being.

Head massage: Not really all that well known in the West the Indian head massage focuses on three key areas of the human body viz. the shoulders, neck and the head. It again needs the services of a skilled professional and involves using different types pressure to stimulate the seven chakras to heal and create a balance in the body. It works well to relieve stress, headaches and pain in the cervical region and back.

Reiki: It is practiced all over the world and is known to be a holistic treatment that owes its origins to the land of Tibet. It emphasises on creating a balance of ‘qi’ (energy) in the body. It is one of the gentler methods of healing and is known to rejuvenate, heal and improve the flow of energy through all key areas of the body and create a holistic sense of well-being.

Thermotherapy:  This in layman’s terms means using heat treatment. In this dry or wet treatments are used to improve the circulation of blood relax and soothe the muscles and flush out toxins from the human body. In a spa, most heat treatments generally involve the use of hot stones, steam rooms and saunas etc. and they work well to remove body pain.

Reflexology: This is a well known form of treatment in the US and involves applying specific pressure on parts of the hands and feet which have points that correspond to various muscles, tissues and glands within the body. This can bring about a change in the affected area and helps in the healing process.

Swedish massage: The most well known form of massage on the European continent it is known the world over for its efficacy. These are designed specifically to relax the body’s muscles and the technique involved uses pressure on the muscles in the direction of blood flow towards the heart. It helps to release impurities from the blood as well as improve overall blood circulation and increase the flow of oxygen in the blood.

Shirodhara: This forms a part of Ayurveda and as exotic as it sounds, is equally exotic in its practice. In this treatment fragrant warm oil is poured into the area that reputedly houses the third eye on the forehead. This is followed by a relaxing massage of the scalp and also may include other forms of body massage.

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